Adding a site to our Database


The sites we wish to cover usually conform to the following general criteria: (there are always exceptions)

A FULLY QUILIFIED, registered domain name, preferably ones that represent a specific sailboat, sailboat type-class/manufacturer, etc., NOT ''.

Generally we DON'T list 'user groups' hosted by other entities, (such as Yahoo, MSN, etc,) There are many excellent one's out there, but it is impossible to monitor or verify which ones are active/valid and which ones aren't.

We are also happy to list CURRENT builders of NEW sailboats that have sold at least 5 models of a certain type/model. It's a tough business to be in these days, and we wish to promote them in any way we can.

To request to have a site listed

PLEASE register on the forum, rather than trying to Email me directly. It is VERY SECURE. You can keep your personal Email private if you wish to. You can do that by going HERE: OR, if you have already registered you can LOG ON

Go to the section (Board) entitled KNOW A SITE THAT SHOULD BE ADDED TO OUR LIST Provide some information about the site and the home page URL. I usually respond on the same day.

Should you need to contact me privately, once you've registered, you can always send a 'personal message' (PM) to SONSAIL, the administrator, which is ME, and is not visable to anyone else.

Thanks very much,

Randy Browning