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Aquarius Sail Inc. was established by Tom Haberman in the early 1970s to provide sail, trampoline, and canvas repair to Midwest sailors. Within a few years Aquarius Sail was not only doing sail repair, but providing parts and service to the catamaran community. In 1980 the owners of Aquarius Sail visited the Chicago trade show and met two gentlemen from a sailboat company called Formulae Racing Sailboats. One of these gentlemen was Bill Roberts and they were promoting their new catamaran design, the SuperCat 20. The owners of Aquarius Sail were so impressed by the new design that they immediately signed on to be one of the first dealers for SuperCat catamarans.

The early 1980s brought many changes for Aquarius Sail, including the move to a larger location, a wider selection of parts for all makes and models of sailboats and the SuperCat dealership. The early 80s also brought many changes for SuperCat, these changes included the introduction of the SuperCat 17, SuperCat 19, SuperCat 15, and the change in ownership to Boston Whaler powerboats. After being owned by Boston Whaler for one year, production was moved to Erickson Yachts in California. The production and management of SuperCat remained in California for two years when it was again "For Sale" in 1984. The owners of Aquarius Sail were so impressed by the SuperCat concept that they purchased company in the fall of 1984 and moved production and sales to Minnesota.

As the 1990s arrived Aquarius Sail teamed up with Bill Roberts of Roberts Catamarans to introduce the SC-22 and continue production of the RC-27, which Bill had developed on his own in the mid 1980's. The joining of forces between Aquarius Sail Inc. and designer Bill Roberts helped to develop the highest performance and quality catamarans available on the market today. Aquarius Sails has introduced Bill Roberts leading designs, in 1991 the SC-22/ARC-22, in 1996 the RC-30, in 2000 the ARC-21 and now in 2003 the ARC-17 . Throughout the 1990s and now into the 21st. Century the products built and designed by the team of Aquarius Sail and Bill Roberts has raised the benchmark in high performance sailing.

The name change of the SC-22 to ARC-22 in the year 2000 reflects Aquarius Sails philosophy of being committed to a strict one design fleet program. The superior performance of the 22 design has been demonstrated in both long distance and triangle racing venues since 1992. The decision to solidify the design was in response to the current 22 owners desire to level the playing field in the future.

Sailboats Built By Aquarius Sail Inc.

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
ARC-21 21.50 ft / 6.55 m 2000
ARC-22 22.00 ft / 6.71 m 1991
RC-27 27.50 ft / 8.38 m 1984
RC-30 31.75 ft / 9.68 m 1996
SUPERCAT 17 17.00 ft / 5.18 m 1985
SUPERCAT 19 19.00 ft / 5.79 m 1985
SUPERCAT 22 22.00 ft / 6.71 m 1992