1884 -

Benjamin Beneteau, shipwright, founded the Beneteau boatyard at Croix-de-Vie, France to build sailing trawlers.
In 1964 Annette Beneteau Roux and her brother, Andre, granddaughter and grandson to Benjamin, diversified the company with the introduction of fiberglass sailing yachts. With the introduction of the FLETAN and the GUPPY, Beneteau took part in the 1965 Paris Boat Show for the first time, establishing its reputation for building seaworthy pleasure craft.
The FIRST 30, designed by Andre Mauric and introduced in 1976, was the beginning of Beneteau's very successful First series. It was chosen Boat of the Year at the Paris Boat Show and also won the first leg of the Figaro Single-Handed Race.
In response to its expanding North American market, Beneteau opened a production facility in Marion, South Carolina. Within four years, Beneteau became one of the top three sailboat manufacturers in America.

***(In order to simplify things, all the Beneteau models, for which we have adequate information, have been listed under the 'Beneteau' section. Beneteau's were often given differEnt names depending on which part of the world they were sold (and/or built). This, in addition to boats that were sold directly to charter companies which also used their own names.)
Today, (2016) Beneteau is largest builder of sailboats in the world.

Sailboats Built By Beneteau

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
OCEANIS CLIPPER 523 (BENETEAU) 53.15 ft / 16.20 m 2001
OCEANIS YACHT 62 (BENETEAU) 62.56 ft / 19.07 m 2016
PIRANHA 17 (BENETEAU) 17.06 ft / 5.20 m 1974
SENSE 43 (BENETEAU) 43.16 ft / 13.16 m 2011
SENSE 46 (BENETEAU) 46.32 ft / 14.12 m 2013
SENSE 50 (BENETEAU) 49.15 ft / 14.98 m 2010
SENSE 51 (BENETEAU) 51.05 ft / 15.56 m 2016
SENSE 55 (BENETEAU) 56.43 ft / 17.20 m 2012
SENSE 57 (BENETEAU) 58.33 ft / 17.78 m 2016
STARDUST 433 (BENETEAU) 42.42 ft / 12.93 m 1994
WIZZ 14.44 ft / 4.40 m 1981