Børresen Bådebyggeri

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The brothers Børge and Albert Børresen built their first DRAGON class sloop in 1935. Their father Peter Børresen had had a boat builder's yard in Vejle. The boat was built in an open shed in their spare time.
By 1938 the first workshop was built with room for one boat.
Albert died in 1948 and BB continued with help from the family. They built DRAGONS, 5 Meters, but also many other boat types: motor boats, Junior boats, dinghies (40 FINN dinghies for the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1959) 5.5 METERS, SWALLOWS, NORDIC CRUISERS, LA CRUISERS, KNARRS, BB10 Meters and SOLINGS. But DRAGONS were they're specialty with 325 built of pine and later mahogany.
In 1971-72 BB worked out the rules for building a DRAGON in fiber glass with the same weight and weight distribution as a wooden Dragon. In 1982, Borge's sons, Ole and Anders became the owners of the company. Since 1972 they have built DRAGONS, SOLINGS, YNGLINGS and BB10 Meters in fiber glass. To this day, Børresen built boats are known to sailors around the world for their craftsmanship, utility, and outright speed on the race course.

Years in Business: 1938 - present

Sailboats Built By Børresen Bådebyggeri

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BB-10 32.80 ft / 10.00 m 1977
CB66 21.65 ft / 6.60 m 2003
DRAGON (INT) 29.17 ft / 8.89 m 1928
FINN (MONOTYPE) 14.76 ft / 4.50 m 1949
KNARR 30.33 ft / 9.24 m 1946
LA CRUISER 29.43 ft / 8.97 m 1958
SOLING 26.75 ft / 8.15 m 1966
SWALLOW 25.42 ft / 7.75 m 1948
YNGLING 20.83 ft / 6.35 m 1967