Cape Dory Yachts

1963 - 1991

Cape Dory Yachts was founded by Andrew Vavolotis. The company was located in East Taunton, MA (USA).
In the following 28 years, the company built over 2,800 sailboats ranging from 22 to 45 feet, and over 2,000 of the 19' Typhoon and the 22' Typhoon Senior, as well as the Cape Dory 10, which was the original Cape Dory dory. Most of the designs were by Carl Alberg.

By the late 1970s, the company began building power boats of various types. The most popular model, by far, was the CAPE DORY 28 of which more than 100 were built.

Around 1991, Cape Dory ceased operating in New England. The name and most of the powerboat designs were sold to Newport Shipyards Corp. of Amityville, New York, which itself reportedly ceased operations in 1996. The other molds were scattered among a number of builders, and some models are still being made, mostly on a semi-custom basis (see below).

The remainder of the boatbuilding operation, and the marine hardware division of the company, Spartan Marine, were moved to Robinhood, Maine where Andy Vavolotis continued to build sailboats. (The molds for the CAPE DORY 36 and 40 were being used to build the ROBINHOOD 36 and 40.)
HID(for Cape Dory Yachts): CPD

Sailboats Built By Cape Dory Yachts

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
INTREPID 9M 28.54 ft / 8.70 m 1979
TYPHOON 18 (DAYSAILER) 18.50 ft / 5.64 m 1974
TYPHOON 18 (NAUGUS) 18.50 ft / 5.64 m 1974
TYPHOON 18 (WEEKENDER) 18.50 ft / 5.64 m 1967
TYPHOON SR (CAPE DORY) 22.42 ft / 6.83 m 1984