Colvic Craft

1964 - 2000

Founded by Colin Burns and Vic Pascoe and located on the Blackwater Estuary, (English east coast), initially known as Ardleigh Laminated Plastics.
Colvic Craft was one of the earliest and most prolific builders of fiberglass power and sailing yachts in Britain. The long list of models includes those sold under the Colvic name as well as those, under contract for other firms.

In 2000, the Colvic assetts were purchased by Lancer Laminating Ltd. Lancer Laminating closed its doors in 2004.

Sailboats Built By Colvic Craft

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
WATSON 19.5 (COLVIC) 19.50 ft / 5.94 m 1976
WATSON 23 (COLVIC) 23.50 ft / 7.16 m 1976
WATSON 31.5 (COLVIC) 31.50 ft / 9.60 m 1976
WATSON 34.5 (COLVIC) 34.50 ft / 10.52 m 1974