Comar Yachts

1961 -

Founded as Sipla in Forli it began as a builder of wooden FLYING JUNIOR class dinghies.
The COMET 910 was introduced in 1971, a design collaboration of Van de Stadt and Finot. This yacht was a huge success both on the international racing scene and commercially. It remained in production for more than 15 years with over 1000 boats produced.
At this time the company changed its name to Comar S.P.A.
Comar and Finot became a very successful team. The Comet 801, the Comet 11, 13 and 14, in particular, were sold in large numbers.
In the eighties, Comar brought in other designers, like Doug Peterson and Andrea Vallicelli.
Some of the more recent models are the Comet 1050, from Finot's board, the Comet 375, designed jointly by Finot and Peterson, the Comet 420 by Vallicelli, and the Comet 460, also from Finot. Thanks to their success, Comar became the greatest Italian boatbuilder and exported a good deal of its production.
At the end of the eighties, the company expanded, moving to a new 43 facility with 160 worker producing 145 boats per year.
During the nineties, Comar introduced more new models, which constitute part of today's range. The company pioneered a completely new production policy. Beginning with the adoption of building techniques using balsa and Termanto cored sandwiches, vacuum lamination, etc. This continued with the introduction of new models: the Genesi, a thirteen metre in three versions, Cruising, Racing and Sport, and the Phoenix, a fifteen metre, the new yard flagship. The Company was also in the one-off racing market. The Comar built, Vallicelli design "Stradivaria" won the Centomiglia del Garda four times.

At the end of the 1980's the company changed ownership and a new management team was brought in.

Despite the numerous failures and corporate consolidation in the yacht production business, Comar continues to this day as a successful builder of a broad range of Yachts.
In it's history, the company has built over 5000 yachts with some models being in production for more than 15 years.

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Sailboats Built By Comar Yachts

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
COMET 700 23.23 ft / 7.08 m 1980
COMET 701 22.97 ft / 7.00 m 1979
COMET 770 25.25 ft / 7.70 m 1973
COMET 800 25.59 ft / 7.80 m 1978
COMET 801 25.20 ft / 7.68 m 1972
COMET 850 27.89 ft / 8.50 m 1977
COMET 860 28.00 ft / 8.53 m 1984
COMET 910 29.86 ft / 9.10 m 1971
COMET 910 PLUS 30.05 ft / 9.16 m 1980
GENESI 43 42.98 ft / 13.10 m 1992
INTERNATIONAL FJ 13.22 ft / 4.03 m 1956
METEOR CLASS 19.68 ft / 6.00 m 1968