Dehler Yachts

1963 -

Dehler Yachts has been one of Europes largest, and most successful builders of production sailboats. Founded by Willi Dehler (Willi Dehler Shipyard), and later joined by his brother Heinz. The first boat was the WINNETOU, a small sailing dinghy, of which nearly 400 were built. This was followed by the Varianta, Optima, Delanta, Sprinta, Sprinta DS, Dueta, Dehlya and Varianta, early models that all sold well.
In 1978, Dehler purchased the E.G. van de Stadt yard.
On the international racing circuit, the DB models proved unbeatable for a few years in 3/4 ton level racing. (1983-84).
Dehler became a division of Hanse Yachts.
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Sailboats Built By Dehler Yachts

(Dates indicate when boat was first built by any builder)

Model LOA First Built
OPTIMA 98 G (DEHLER) 32.15 ft / 9.80 m 1980
SPRINTA 70 22.97 ft / 7.00 m 1975
SPRINTA SPORT 22.97 ft / 7.00 m 1977
VARIANTA 21.33 ft / 6.50 m 1962