Jeanneau (FRA)

Founded by hardware store owner, Henry Jeanneau who started by racing and then building small power boats. His first fiberglass model was introduced in 1960 and the first sailboat in 1964.


1956 M. Henry Jeanneau starts boat building in his Fathers workshop following his success in the "Six heures de Paris" power boat race.
1957 Creation of the first "Jeanneau" a simple wooden outboard motor dinghy
1958 The first "Jeanneau" fiberglass hull molded
1960 The "Sea-bird" speed boat, Jeanneau's first full production fibreglass boat
1970 First of 2800 Sangria sailing yachts produced
1970 - 1990 Corporate ownership change to United States based Bangor Punta.
1981-1985 O'Day - also under Bangor Punta, built (under license in US) about 120 Sun Fizz yachts marketed as the O'DAY 39. In 1986 this was remodeled by Hunt & Associates and produced as the O'DAY 40.
Ownership subsequently reverted to France with acquisition by Chatellier SA
1990 Short lived joint venture with Italian Ferretti Craft to build the Yarding Yacht range
1990-1992 The ATLANTIC 44, is built in Athens, Greece on license from Jeanneau, is almost identical to Jeanneau SUN MAGIC 44. Similarly the SUN LEGENDE 41 was produced under license in Greece as the OLYMPIC SEA 42.
1995 Acquired by Groupe Beneteau to create the largest sailboat group worldwide
1995-1997 Polish built yachts include SUN FAST 17 & Sun ODYSSEY 24.1
(The SUN FAST 17 later was available as the BALT FAMILY 17)
2001 Jeanneau acquires Ostroda Yachts of Poland.

A separate division, JAT (Jeanneau Advanced Technologies) were the builders of the Lagoon range of catamarans as well as a number of custom projects such as Americas Cup yachts and the Kevin Costner 'Waterworld' trimarans.
(During the 1990's TPI in the USA produced some Jeanneau catamarans)
A few Sun Fast yachts were produced in Australia under license, during the early 1990's.

Some Polish yards produced a number of Jeanneau Yachts and motorboats during the mid 1990's. Notably the Jacek Centowski designed SUN ODYSSEY 24.1. Following the 80 or so models produced under the Jeanneau brand during 1995 to 1997. These have continued to be produced in Poland and marketed under a variety of brands including:
Sportina 730: Clever 24.5: Sportlake 730: Apolonia 24: Noryacht 770: Fly23S: and Delphia 24.

Jeanneau is a division of Groupe Beneteau.

For those interested, the book "THE JEANNEAU STORY," a history of Jeanneau to the year 2000, writted by Malcolm PERRINS is availqable for purchase here:

Years in Business: 1956 - present

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