Jeremy Rogers Ltd.

Founded by Jeremy Rogers MBE and one of the most successful boat manufacturing companies in Britain.

By the late 70s and early 80s Jeremy Rogers' company included five purpose-built factories in central Lymington and a workforce of nearly 200 employees. Production included Contessa yachts ranging in size from the traditional 26 to the Doug Peterson designed grand prix 35s, 39s and 43s, many of which were exported to a worldwide market eager for his innovative and beautifully finished yachts. However by far the most popular of all was the Contessa 32.

The now largely forgotten economic slump of the early 1980s brought the downfall of the three main boat manufacturers in Britain, and the Rogers yard was one of them.

Discouraged but undeterred Jeremy Rogers started again from scratch, and by 1988 the new business had moved to a factory in Milford-on-Sea, and then in 2009 the it relocated to the waterside at Lymington Yacht Haven. The company began specialising in the refurbishment of boats built at the original yard, and in 1995 there was an opportunity to purchase back the Contessa 32 moulds. So, as well as refurbishments, a limited number of these much-loved classics are built at the yard, adding to the 800 or so already sailing all over the world.

Alongside boat building Jeremy Rogers’ company specialises in high tech industrial mouldings, and currently produces a very successful portable carbon fibre davit, winner of a coveted DAME innovation award at the METS (marine trade show) in Amsterdam 2002. The davit, marketed under the name of Atlas, is used by commercial and leisure boats for lifting awkward and heavy loads in and out of the water, but it could have any number of other applications.

Thanks to Jeremy Rogers, Fiona Rogers, and others at Jermey Rogers Ltd. for providing updated images and details of the Contessa line.

Current address:
Jeremy Rogers Ltd
Lymington Yacht Haven
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Hampshire UK
SO41 3QD
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Years in Business: 1961 - present

Sailboats Built By Jeremy Rogers Ltd.

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CONTESSA 25 (PETERSON) 25.16 ft / 7.67 m 1975
CONTESSA 26 25.50 ft / 7.77 m 1965
CONTESSA 27 27.50 ft / 8.38 m 1981
CONTESSA 28 27.67 ft / 8.43 m 1977
CONTESSA 32 32.00 ft / 9.75 m 1971
CONTESSA 33 32.67 ft / 9.96 m 1984
CONTESSA 35 35.50 ft / 10.82 m 1974
CONTESSA 38 (ALAN-WILLIAMS) 38.29 ft / 11.67 m 1981
CONTESSA 38 (S&S) 38.50 ft / 11.73 m 1973
CONTESSA 39 38.67 ft / 11.79 m 1979
CONTESSA 43 42.75 ft / 13.03 m 1977
OOD 34 (CONTESSA) 33.67 ft / 10.26 m 1978