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From the North Wind website:
The Industrial North Wind shipyard was founded in 1973 in Sant Andreu de la Barca, where over a period of 20 years more than 380 units have been built. There are currently in excess of 500 North Wind boats sailing all over the world. Throughout the history of North Wind, the most highly qualified workers from other Catalan shipbuilders, such as Astilleros Viudes, have joined the firm, making up what is today one of the most prestigious companies in the sailing world.

The diversification of the business
Monty North is the result of the merge in 2004 with Monty Nautic, a Catalan company devoted to the building and repairing of large yachts. This company, which includes North Wind, offers comprehensive drydock, boat repairing and boat building services. The company is also actively involved in yacht brokerage.

International Expansion
North Wind exports the majority of its production to the EU and the USA. Via the principal brokers in the industry, North Wind has offices in Italy, UK and USA. North Wind is a Spanish share capital shipyard, worldwide renowned for its high standard shipbuilding that results in excellent sailing performance yachts.

Range of Products
The shipyard has principally made its name in the sailing industry, with boats currently ranging from 13 to 20 metres length. Nevertheless, it also builds motorboats from 20 to 45 metres length in fibreglass or aluminium; these are custom, 'made-to-measure' vessels. The dockyard also offers one of the most comprehensive drydock services in the Mediterranean. Boat repairs and refits as well as the complete refurbishing of yachts and megayachts. Boats as well-known in the sailing world as Mata Mua, Santa Fe or Silver Romance have come out of our premises, comprising over 10,000 square metres in the port of Barcelona.

There are currently seven models in the North Wind sailboat ranges, the most recent having been presented at the Barcelona International Boat Show, the 54-foot K-2, a retractable keel sloop. On average, the shipyard produces between 6 and 10 units a year.

New boat building techniques
North Wind is now one of the principal European shipbuilders. The shipyard combines the latest shipbuilding technologies, such as resin vacuum infusion and sandwich construction, with the best traditional handcraft in everything concerned with cabinetwork and the finishing off of each of our boats.

Outstanding Designers
The most renowned naval architects work with North Wind, including Sparkman & Stephens, or the Spanish firm Nautatec, with Manuel Ruiz de Elvira and Manolo López at the helm. Additionally, efforts are made to have all the staff trained up in state-of-the-art technologies, something that can be noticed in North Wind's end product.

Years in Business: 1972 - present

Sailboats Built By North Wind Yachts (ESP)

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NORTH WIND 35 34.78 ft / 10.60 m 1987
NORTH WIND 38 37.40 ft / 11.40 m 1981
NORTH WIND 40 40.49 ft / 12.34 m 1981
NORTH WIND 43 DS 42.58 ft / 12.98 m 2001
NORTH WIND 435 43.47 ft / 13.25 m 1980
NORTH WIND 47 46.75 ft / 14.25 m 1988
NORTH WIND 58 57.35 ft / 17.48 m 2006
NORTH WIND 62 61.02 ft / 18.60 m 1991
NORTH WIND 68 66.86 ft / 20.38 m 2006