Palmer Johnson (USA)

The Palmer Johnson yard, located in Sturgeon Bay, WI, has a long a illustrious history of building mostly large custom yachts. Founded by Hans Johnson and Herman Gmack, it was originally known as Sturgeon Bay Boat Works when Hans Johnson's son, Palmer, assumed ownership. During World War II, the company turned it's efforts toward building boats for the military. It wasn't until Palmer Johnson retired in 1959, when some local business men assumed ownership, that the firm acquired it's present name. In 1961, long time Palmer Johnson customer and Texas Instruments CEO, Pat Haggarty, bought the company. An avid yacht racer, he did much to establish the builders reputation in the international racing circuit. It was in the establishment of a separate brokerage division, that the company sold a number of different production fiberglass sailboat models under the Palmer Johnson name.
Palmer Johnson never really built fiberglass boats (though it did finish a great number), deciding that it's future lay with custom aluminum yachts. For a time it contracted with a number of builders, mostly in Europe, that were sold under the Palmer Johnson name.
Palmer Johnson production sailboats were only sold for a few years. Nautor of Finland, the builder of the larger PJ models, ultimately decided to sell it's yachts exclusively under it's own Swan brand.
As of 2016, the company moved it's operations to Europe. Now headquartered in Monaco (2019) with shipyard operations in The Netherlands.
Palmer Johnson continues as a world renowned builder of large, custom, power and sailing yachts.

Years in Business: 1918 - present

Sailboats Built By Palmer Johnson (USA)

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BOUNTY II 40.83 ft / 12.44 m 1956
NEW YORK 40 (PETERSON) 39.50 ft / 12.04 m 1977
NY 40 (PETERSON) 39.50 ft / 12.04 m 1977
PJ-30 (AQUAFIBRE) 30.00 ft / 9.14 m 1971
PJ-30 1/2 TON 29.92 ft / 9.12 m 1973
PJ-34 33.50 ft / 10.21 m 1970
PJ-36 (MAAS) 36.00 ft / 10.97 m 1973
PJ-36 (S&S) 35.73 ft / 10.89 m 1967
PJ-37 36.50 ft / 11.13 m 1970
PJ-40 (S&S) 39.30 ft / 11.98 m 1970
PJ-43 43.00 ft / 13.11 m 1969
PJ-43CR 42.75 ft / 13.03 m 1975
PJ-44 44.00 ft / 13.41 m 1972
PJ-48 48.08 ft / 14.65 m 1971
STANDFAST 40 40.00 ft / 12.19 m 1972
STOUT FELLA 27 27.00 ft / 8.23 m 1947
STOUT FELLA 33 33.00 ft / 10.06 m 1947