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1960's and 1970's - The First Telstar Trimarans

Tony Smith built his first 24 ft. plywood Piver trimaran in a shed in England. In 1966 Tony sailed in the first 2,100 mile Round Britain Race finishing in fourth place. Later in 1967 Tony designed and built another 25' trimaran for the Single Handed Transatlantic Race.

In 1969 Tony engaged in extensive research and development with foam-sandwich construction and fiberglass molding resulting in the legendary 26' Telstar folding trimaran.

Following further development of the Telstar, Tony starts regular production of the folding Telstar 26, nearly 300 of which were sold world wide. During this time Tony also engaged in the production of numerous custom sailboats of all sizes up to 70' - all built to Lloyds 100A1 specification.

1974 marks the beginning of production for the 35' Telstar. This prototype of the Telstar 35 finished 10th out of 100 in the 1974 Round Britain Race - one of the most difficult races in the world.

1978 - The high-tech Kevlar Telstar 26 entered the 1978 Round Britain Race, and despite being the smallest boat in the race, finished in the top third of the fleet - despite a mast failure midway through the race. This boat was still sailing into this past decade.
1980's - The Rise of the Gemini 31' Phoenix

In 1980 Tony Smith moved production of the Telstar over to America. Sales of the new boat were phenomenal. Tragically, in 1981 a fire at the factory destroyed all the Telstar molds. Later that year Tony started development of a cruising catamaran and in May launched the Gemini 31' Phoenix.

In over fifteen years of production and several variations of this model (3000, 3200, 3400), the Gemini has proven to be the most popular cruising catamaran sold in the country, with over 800 presently sailing.
1990's - The Gemini Catamaran Comes of Age

In 1993 Tony launches the predecessor to the Gemini 105M with transom steps and the first-ever lifting under-hung rudder system. Tony sailed the 3400 in the Norfolk/Bermuda Cruise Rally and took second place.

1997 marked the opening of Performance Cruising's new, custom-designed production facility located on the docks of Annapolis, Maryland. The new factory combines the most advanced building and production techniques with talented and skilled craftsmen. The result: Unparalleled quality produced with the cutting-edge efficiency. In February of 2003 Performance Cruising celebrated Gemini 105M hull number 800 - and the numbers continue to grow.
2000's and Into the Future - Refining Successful Designs

Performance Cruising further extends the success of the Gemini line with the Gemini 105MC - convertible Edition cruising catamaran. The new custom factory has afforded PCI the opportunity to design and manufacture new molds including a completely redesigned single interior mold which not only makes the Gemini lighter, but also stronger and more rigid. The redesign also offers the convertible option of enclosing the new cockpit in either a canvas or bug screen for maximum protection from the elements.

2003 also marked the re-introduction of the Telstar 28 Trimaran. Completely redesigned, the new tri is starting to repeat the successful history of the original design. The outpouring of interest in the new Telstar (or T2 as it's often referred to) has been incredible. Currently, Performance Cruising is working towards increasing our production capacity with a new, larger factory at our current location in downtown Annapolis, Maryland.

2010 Marlow Hunter sub-contracts building Gemini Catamarans.

Gemini Catamarans
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Years in Business: 1966 - present

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GEMINI 105M 33.50 ft / 10.21 m 1995
GEMINI 105MC 33.50 ft / 10.21 m 2003
GEMINI 31/3000 30.50 ft / 9.30 m 1981
GEMINI 3200 31.99 ft / 9.75 m 1990
GEMINI 3400 33.17 ft / 10.11 m 1993
GEMINI FREESTYLE 37 38.17 ft / 11.63 m 2017
GEMINI LEGACY 35 35.33 ft / 10.77 m 2013
TELSTAR 28 27.49 ft / 8.38 m 2003