POGO Structures

French builders of POGO line.
Chantier Naval Structures
ZA de Kerbénoën
29120 Combrit

History from company website:
1987 - The yard Structures is based in Quimper (Finistère), by Christian Bouroullec.

1990 - The company expanded and moved to Combrit-Sainte-Marine. Bertrand De Broc, Catherine Chabaud, Dominic Bourgeois, Marc Guillemot or Eric Drouglazet come to build or prepare their boats.

1995 - The construction designs the Pogo 6.50 with the architect Pierre Rolland. Extended prototype Amnesty International, winner of the Mini-Transat 1993 at the hands of Thierry Dubois, the Pogo is proven off by participating in the Mini-Transat 1995. In seven years of production, 140 copies are built and sailed from around the world.

1999 - Christian Bouroullec won the Mini-Transat (series category) at the helm of Pikès. In the same year is launched on Pogo 8.50, a new plan Rolland inspired by his eldest able to bring the family cruise AND surf swell of the Atlantic at high speed. Just launched, the first 8.50 Pogo won the solo Transquadra 2000. At Grand Pavois in La Rochelle, he was elected "Sailboat of the year 2001". At the helm of a 8.50 Pogo, Christian Bouroullec ranks 5th in the Transquadra 2001. More than one hundred copies are now built or on order.

2003 - Pogo Pogo 2 succeeds 6.50. Designed by Jean-Marie Finot and Pascal Conq, he conquered the first three places in the Transat 6.50 (series category) a few months later. Faithful to the tradition home, that Erwan Tymen employee of the company, who is the winner at the helm of the boat yard, Casimir. Since 1997, all editions of the Transat 6.50 saw the victory of a Pogo. Each month, two new Pogo 2 were launched.

2005 - The fourth model Pogo emerged: a new plan Finot-Conq 40 feet, Pogo 40. Fruit of the experience of the site in terms of race and large, it is designed for the big trip and the high speed, a concept that we are advocating for over 10 years. Several copies of Pogo 40 should be aligned at the start of the Route du Rhum, in 2006.

2006 - This year was marked by the presence of 4 Pogo 40 of the first 5 boats from the finish of the Route du Rhum and the absolute record 24 hours of the Mini Class establishes a Pogo 2.

Years in Business: 1987 - present

Sailboats Built By POGO Structures

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POGO 10.50 34.45 ft / 10.50 m 2005
POGO 12.5 41.01 ft / 12.50 m 2011
POGO 2 21.33 ft / 6.50 m 2001
POGO 30 30.00 ft / 9.14 m 2013
POGO 36 35.63 ft / 10.86 m 2016
POGO 40 39.96 ft / 12.18 m 2005
POGO 44 44.46 ft / 13.55 m 2020
POGO 50 52.99 ft / 16.15 m 2012
POGO 6.50 21.33 ft / 6.50 m 1994
POGO 8.50 27.89 ft / 8.50 m 1999