Schock W.D.

Founded by W. D. "Bill" Schock. The first production boat was the LEHMAN 10 dinghy. But the LIDO 14, an updated version of the LEHMAN 14 was the first big hit and the company soon became one of the largest builders of sailing yachts on the US west coast.
The list of Schock built boats is long. (Most, but not all, are listed here.)
In 2011, ownership of the company passed from Bill's son Tom and his wife Jane to Alexander Vucelic von Raduboj who took over as President with Tom Schock remaining on the company's Board of Directors.
In 2014, the company was sold to John O'Donnell, who had formerly been the General Manager.

HIN for W. D. Schock (1972-): WDS

Years in Business: 1946 - present

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