Skaneateles Boat & Canoe Co.

Founded by George Smith and James Ruth. The company built launches, rowboats, canoes, small sailing craft. In 1930, the factory burned to the ground. (James Ruth was killed as a result of the fire).
In 1932, Smith, the remaining partner, sold the company to the Barnes brothers (John and George) who changed the name to Skaneateles Boats. Inc. The Barnes' were sailing enthusiasts and responsible for building some of the most popular one-design dinghies of the early 1930's and 40's.
During World War II, the company worked on a experimental watercraft for the US Navy.
More information can be found in ''The Wooden Boats of Skaneateles N.Y.'.
(Available from the Finger Lakes Boating Museum.)

Years in Business: 1893 - 1964

Sailboats Built By Skaneateles Boat & Canoe Co.

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ARROW (S&S) 21.70 ft / 6.61 m 1937
COMET OD (USA) 16.00 ft / 4.88 m 1932
LAKE ONE-DESIGN (RHODES) 34.00 ft / 10.36 m 1938
LIGHTNING 19.00 ft / 5.79 m 1938
PENGUIN 11.42 ft / 3.48 m 1939
RHODES BANTAM 14.00 ft / 4.27 m 1945