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See Ta Shing Yacht Building Company.

The Ta Shing Yacht Building Company Limited dates back in boat building terms to 1947, when the now President of the company, Mr. C. M. Juan started building fishing boats and small commercial craft. About 22 years ago the yard became involved in building sailing yachts, predominantly on an OEM contract basis for various American and occasionally European organizations, as well as building the Mason sailboats (33, 44, 54, 64) and the elegant slow speed trawler-yachts NordHaven 57 & NordHaven 62 for P.A.E. Inc. Today, as this same organization and yard approaches its fiftieth year of boat building, and still with most of the same families involved in the manufacture of our yachts, we have achieved a strong reputation as one of the best cruising boat builders in the world. The facilities at the yard in Tainan City (near Kaohsiung International Airport) in the Southwest of Taiwan, would be the envy of many Western yards, covering an area of 90,000 square feet. Over the years, the craftsmen at the yard have constructed hundreds of yachts ranging from 30 feet to 72 feet and every one of these can truly be classified as a semi custom yacht in one way or another. Unbeknown to many, classics such as the Orion 50, the Mason 33 and 44, the Tashiba-series, and the Norseman 447, have all been built by Ta Shing. The last ten years has seen the development of our own brand, the Taswell range of yachts, and many, who have had the opportunity of viewing and sailing a Taswell yacht will recognize, that they are one of the Orient's best kept secrets. The Taswell range introduced in 1985/86 has evolved to be one of the most respected names in performance cruising yachts. From the design studio of Bill Dixon, they include yachts ranging from 43 feet through 50 feet, 56 feet, 58 feet to 60 feet in both center cockpit and the All Season (Pilot House) raised deck saloon versions. All unique yachts in every respect. Ta Shing Yacht Building Co., Ltd. and Taswell Yachts look forward to a challenging and exciting future in the next millennium.

Years in Business: 1947 - present

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