Ticon Yachts Ltd.

Ticon Yachts of Oakville, Ontario CAN began when David de Eyre purchased the rights to the TMI-30 (originally built by Chrysler as the CY-30) from Texas Marine Industries. The first Ticon 30's were produced in Oakville Ontario, Canada. By 1983, Mr. de Eyre had arranged to have them built by Kelt Marine in Aurora, Ontario. In the same year the company also started production of T-27 which was quite successful. A small number of the Bruce Kerby designed T-34 Cat Ketches were also produced. Ticon seems to have shared the fate of so many other boat manufacturers during the late 1980's.

Years in Business: 1981 - 1988

Sailboats Built By Ticon Yachts Ltd.

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TICON 27 27.00 ft / 8.23 m 1983
TICON 30 29.92 ft / 9.12 m 1981
TICON 34 33.67 ft / 10.26 m 1983