Tylercraft (USA)

Founded by Ted Tyler and one of the first, among a handful of boat builders in the US, to adopt Fiberglass construction for it's line of sailboats. Most models featured bilge keels. It said that Tyler was favorably impressed with some of the Westerly models of this type that were built in the UK.
Tylercraft was also apparently the first to offer a Wankel engine for auxiliary power. How many were actually installed is unknown and the idea seems to have faded quickly.
Besides this, very little is known by this author about Mr. Tyler (who died in 2006) or his company.
In the 1970's the company was bought by Chichester Marine but with Mr Tyler still playing a leading role??. Later, Tyler moved to Texas City, Texas and continued building boats there for a time.
The most popular model has to be the TYLERCRFT 24. Other models of many different sizes were advertised. Some of these were either never built or simply disappeared. I only include here the ones of which some sort of verifiable information has been made available.
Thanks to Tylercraft aficionado, Bill, (moderator of the Tylercraft group on Yahoo), for providing most of this information.

Years in Business: 1959 - 2004

Sailboats Built By Tylercraft (USA)

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TYLERCRAFT 17 17.00 ft / 5.18 m 1968
TYLERCRAFT 21 21.00 ft / 6.40 m 1959
TYLERCRAFT 22 22.00 ft / 6.71 m 1960
TYLERCRAFT 24 24.00 ft / 7.32 m 1961
TYLERCRAFT 26 26.16 ft / 7.97 m 1979
TYLERCRAFT 29 29.25 ft / 8.92 m 1975