Van Dam Nordia Shipyard

Arie van Dam, youngest son of the well known Van Dam shipbuilding family, decides to start his own business and on 26 January 1881 he buys the yard in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands.

In 1908 Arie is followed up by his son Adriaan. Commercial crafts are the main production but he starts with building "jachten" - small wooden pleasure boats.

Willem van Dam takes over the yard in 1939. Production stops six months later due to the outbreak of WWII

After the war, Willem picks up the construction of pleasure boats again and soon he starts to export his crafts to the U.S.A.

By 1968, Steel and Aluminum begin to push back the traditional wood as building material. In collaboration with the well-known Naval Architect Sieb van der Meer, Van Dam produces many steel and aluminum custom built sailing yachts to his design, building yachts from 50 feet - 100 feet.

Years in Business: 1881 - 2010

Sailboats Built By Van Dam Nordia Shipyard

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NORDIA 55 CRUISER 55.12 ft / 16.80 m 1995
NORDIA 66 CRUISER 65.98 ft / 20.11 m 2005