Bergstrom & Ridder

The team of Sven-Olof Ridder and Lars Bergström are responcible for a number of innovations in the world of sailing, including the Windex (masthead wind indicator) and the B&R rig, which has been adopted by many builders to this day.
They formed their first company, RADAB, an acronym for research and development, AB, in 1964 (with Harald Undén) while the two were engineering students at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
B&R, was founded in Florida, where Bergstrom moved for health reason.
Bergstrom experimented with winged keels 20 years before it's successful deployment on the Americas Cup winner Autralia II.
He was killed in 1997 at Sarasota FL while testing one of his experimental gliders.

Sailboats Designed By Bergstrom & Ridder

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B&R 23 23.00 ft / 7.01 m 1992
B&R-38 38.42 ft / 11.71 m 1994
TAILWIND 38 38.16 ft / 11.63 m 1973
WINDEX 92 30.18 ft / 9.20 m 1981