Paul Coble

1923 - present

The careeer of Paul Coble has included an involvement in nearly every aspect of the marine industry. At various times he has worked as boat builder, loftsman, draftsman, engineer. He has worked with yacht designers such Philip Rhodes, Bill Luders, and Olin Stephens, and companies such as Cape Cod Shipbuilding, O'Day and Pearson. He worked for General Dynamics for a number of years as planning engineer for nuclear submarines.
Later on he started his own business as a marine consultant and surveyor.
He has been a contributor of articles for various marine publications, and taught classes at the Coast Guard Academy, as well as a number of other venues.

Sailboats Designed By Paul Coble

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BRISTOL 24 24.58 ft / 7.49 m 1969
BRISTOL 24 CORSAIR (SAILSTAR) 24.58 ft / 7.49 m 1964
CONQUEST (SAILSTAR) 19.20 ft / 5.85 m 1967
CORSAIR 24 (SAILSTAR) 24.58 ft / 7.49 m 1964