Gerhard Gilgenast

In the late 1960's the former editor of Germany's largest yachting magazine "Die Yacht" was Horst Stern. He wanted to introduce an easy-to-handle small family cruiser to the german market.

Designer Gerhard Gilgenast was known for designing numerous motor and superyachts. Gilgenast had been working in 1964 for some time at Sparkman & Stephens (USA) with Phil Rhodes and during this time in the USA he learned about the American catboats.

Thus the idea for the Seezunge A and B was born.

The original plan was to design two drawings. The smaller one, the Seezunge type A offered a length of about 17 ft at a beam of 8 ft and the somewhat bigger type B had a length of about 22 ft at a beam of 9.5 ft.

Sailboats Designed By Gerhard Gilgenast

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SEEZUNGE A 17.72 ft / 5.40 m 1969
SEEZUNGE B 21.33 ft / 6.50 m 1969