Well, as I got into my boat further, I decided it needed far too much work and passed it on last week to another poor soul. Someone had pulled out bulkheads and such, and while I could reasonably reinstall bulkheads and build out an interior, I just dont want to spend so much money and time on a boat thats only worth what the trailer it’s sitting on is worth.

Instead, I went to an auction and purchased a sailboat that was ready to sail, complete with 4 self-tailing winches on deck, 4 sails in functional to excellent condition, and a complete and functional interior. The running lines and sheets are looking old and needing to be replaced but otherwise mine looks to be very functional and ready to go. I put a merc 9.9 on the back and slipped it into the water last weekend, and put it into its slip. now I’m cleaning and getting ready to rewire the electrical so I am sure it’s safe and functional.

I wish you luck on your southcoast. One word of warning, I dug up on a forum. It turns out you will probably want to drop that keel and inspect it, as in, remove it and inspect it, due to potential rot at the joint where the swing keel attaches to the hull. It could be disasterous to have that keel fall off in a good breeze.