IMG 1724PaulK

Picture showing all the pieces in position could be helpful. The cleat to port sounds like where the roller-furler line gets finished off. What is a “line guide”? A fairlead? A padeye? Could the shock-cord hook be something to hold the mainsail furled around the boom when it’s not hoisted?

Your best bet may be to step the mast and try to figure out where things logically want to go. Had to do this with my 505. It has controls for mast rake, mast bend, cunningham, main and spinnaker halyards, vang, trapeze wires, spinnaker pole launchers and shrouds, all coming out around the foot of the mast and having to get led back in the cockpit so they can be adjusted while sailing. It all makes sense now, but until the mast was in place, it was an incredible tangle of spaghetti.