Kenneth Arceneaux

Dave it’s nice to find someone else that has one of these project boats. The hardest thing about restoring one of these antiques is finding the pictures to see what we are trying to recreate. My 22 was purchased for $300.00 The hull is sound and as far as I can tell the standing and running gear is about 90% in tact. The trailer needs a little work Lights. The forward berth is in good shape but from there back the rest of the interior needs work. By the looks of the interior it seems the finish panels were attached to the fiberglass with liquid nail. So far I haven’t been able to find any detailed photos or original design drawings. The upper cabin hatch slides are missing as are the outer cabin hand rails. I do have a complete working rudder that I can send pics of and even give you dimensions on next time I get home. Still haven’t figured all the standing rigging out yet.