Wow. Thanks for reaching out and sending the information. We have a number of books and brochures in our library but not Sailing Boats of the World by Rhonda Budd. That will be resolved soon as we have ordered a copy.

So you know, adding a record is not as straight forward as you might think. Numbers can vary book to book, year to year, even one builder’s brochure to the next. And as “psk” mentions, there is no copy right on names.

Also, we only include production boats, no one-offs (unless there is a very significant historical reason). We like to know that a minimum of 3-4 hulls were produced before we add a model.

We have been working on our database for the past 17 years, and counting, and believe we have one of the world’s largest at this point but we also know there are hundreds, maybe thousands, we have not included yet. But we’re trying !