Yanni Nikopoulos

I am referring to one up here in Toronto Ontario. I wasn’t aware of the one in Florida. The guy here is asking 15K. I went to see it last Wednesday. The hull is epoxy coated in all of them and then painted. This one had a fair amount of coats.
I know how to treat and relate steel as a profession. It has a westerbeke in it. But the it has a fair amount of work to be done down bellow. I mean it’s a wreck. It will take me some time to figure out where to start. Nothing close to photoes he sent me. I like steel hull for ocean crossing because there is hundreds of shipping containers floating just below the water surface. On my previous boat I had a forward facing sounder installed for that reason. Now if I will be buying this boat I will need a space to move it to to work on it. So that’s my problem now.