IMG 1724PaulK

Lots of variables with the setup you have. Your long keel is not helping with windward performance; such a long foil has a hard time developing lift, to counter leeway. It could also be messing up your tacks if your timing on the swells is off, since such a long keel tends to make want the boat go straight all the time. Are you sailing upwind with the mizzen up too? Your post doesn’t say. Most racers furl the mizzen going upwind because it creates more windage than drive. The sailplan makes it look like the main is well forward, so dropping the mizzen might make tacking trickier – you may have to try it and see. Do you have instruments that show you VMG? It could be that you are pinching the boat too much into the wind for optimal performance. Even though the sails may be full and not luffing, they could be strapped in too tight – like sheets of plywood – and not able to create the lift and drive you need to make good progress. Try easing sheets and heading off perhaps 5º and going faster. You will have to travel farther because you are heading off, but because you are going faster your keel will become more efficient at keeping you from going sideways. If you head up 5º but go sideways 4º, your net gain is only 1º, and you’re going slowly. If you don’t head up 5º but only go sideways 2º, your net gain is 3º, and you’re going faster. It’s a tricky balancing act.