Dear psk125

thanks for your valuable comment.
The people in the yard are not uncovering the boat from its winter cover. Too risky that the re-covering after the measuring is not perfect and there will be some damages left behind due to the icy conditions these days in Germany.
About the sanding down of the slats at their ends I did not thought about since today it perfectly fits (maybe due to the aging of slats in the fibre).
The veneer is advised if you cannot glue the slats directly into the fibre. So I like to do these works in my DIY- workshop at my home during the winter break and replace the new seating in Spring time once the marina (and the borders) are open again.
So, it’s a bit of a risky job but let’s see…
Thanks anyway for the time spent to think about my problem.
All the best and take care, Steffen