IMG 1724PaulK

Using the rig measurement to compare boats sounds like a made-up number that has no relation to reality. For example, we only use our #3 jib (100%) when it’s blowing more than 20 or so knots, steady, and we’re headed upwind. Less wind, or on a reach, we’ll use our 150% genoa. Most of the time we use the genoa, because most of the time around here it blows less than 20 knots. How do you think the boat performs most of the time? If we were to use the 100% jib 100% of the time, we would not perform as well. Comparing us to other boats this way would make us look bad. Comparing us to other boats using the sails we (and they) actually use would provide a truer picture of real performance under sail. Why not compute SA/D based on a triple-reefed main and storm jib? Because it obviously wouldn’t provide a useful guide to performance under sail in normal conditions. Using the “reported” figures seems like it provides a more valid comparison.