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PHRF ratings vary by region because they are set up to reflect how different boats perform in the different regions. Long Island Sound generally has relatively light wind (10-12 knots) with small waves (up to .75m). Narragansett Bay and Northern California tend to have stronger breezes – 15-20 knots, with heftier waves 1- 1.5m. The ratings for the X442 show that they do not seem to be super fast in light air, but perform better when the breeze picks up and their size enables them to cut through the waves. To compare your boat with others using PHRF ratings you should first find a PHRF region with characteristics similar to those where you sail. Then look up the ratings for the different boats in that region. This will obviously work better for widely spread production models like Beneteaux, which will have people racing them in PHRF fleets in the US as well as in Australia. PHRF Committees don’t issue ratings for boats that aren’t racing in their area, so you probably won’t find US PHRF ratings for Stevens 34’s, for example, because there aren’t many sailed here. I spoke with X-Yacht’s Nils Jeppsen once at the Paris Boat Show and was impressed with how well his boats were put together. Their performance has also been impressive.