Louis Heath

Thanks Bruce, no need to apologize. I am extremely grateful for this amazing resource. I can well appreciate how errors like that can slip by one’s attention. I’m relatively new to these design figures and that’s why I didn’t spot the error initially.
In my search for a boat your site has made it such a pleasure to compare the different boats, it’s almost becoming a hobby :slight_smile:

Incidentally, the NC43, the big sister of the 40 also seems to be calculated the same way, no doubt from the figures given.

I couldn’t get the figures for the straight 44 but these are for the 441 which may be the same.
Nauticat 441 Sails:
SAILS (all sails are optional) Sail area
Draft 1,85 m
A = Ketch rigged without bowsprit 86,1 m²
B = Ketch rigged with bowsprit 95,1 m²
C = Ketch rigged with bowsprit and
double (cutter) headsails 114,0 m²
Main sail (A+B+C) 32,3 m²
Mizzen (A+B+C) 13,4 m²
Genoa I (B+C) 59,3 m²
Genoa II (B+C) 49,4 m²
Genoa II (A) 40,4 m²
Jib, self-tacking © 18,9 m²
Storm jib (A+B+C) 13,5 m²
Spinnaker (A+B+C) 119,0 m²
Cruising spinnaker (A+B+C) 123,0 m²

With thanks and appreciation