David Hogg

Delighted to be getting communication about Tetonia/ Logres/Dragut Rais.
She is now Juno Blue and has been extensively refurbished refit overhauled.
Her engine is still Perkins 68 which I imagine is original but it too has been extensively rebuilt.
Her period in San Diego sounds great… any more detail on her travels there?
Across the Atlantic… many times?
The NewZealander I brought her off sailed her to New Caledonia via Pacific Islands then NZ did some major refit work and then Aus east coast and pacific islands.
She now has a full suite of modern electronics and latest addition is a furlong staysail setup
She will circumnavigate NZ over the next 12 months and is currently based in Nelson marina top of South Island NZ
Look forward to hearing more and am getting original drawings digitised at present