Victor Amaral

Hi PaulK, thanks for getting back to me.
I have more pictures, I could only upload 1.

I was thinking of a 2 part closed cell. 16 pound. High tensile strength stuff. I wasn’t thinking about foam; like cushion foam, I should have specified the foam…Or are you thinking that the foam would not be strong enough. The stuff I’m thinking about; It has break strength of 750 lbs p/sq inch.

Physical Properties 16lb foam

Parallel Compressive Strength: 580 psi

Tensile Strength: 450 psi

Shear Strength: 230 psi

Flexural Strength: 750 psi.
Seems like strong enough stuff? I’m not an engineer.

I was also thinking about plywood as well but what about the curve of the Deck? Would I cut a big hole from underneath and apply several thinner ones together and expoxy glue them together?
Or as solid as I can go?

Thanks for your help
Here’s another picture