Cary McDonald

For 2023 Tohatsu makes a 6hp motor that’s SMALL, yet has a generator for maintaining a 12VDC system.

Google: Tohatsu 6 HP MFS6DWSPROL SailPro Outboard

Tohatsu makes ALL the 8hp – 25hp outboards NO MATTER what brand is touted as the ‘maker.’ Further, even starting at their 9.9 hp motors (which replaced the 8’s and 9.8hp’s… it’s FI (fuel injected), such that carb issues with methanol laced gas… isn’t as much of a problem (dunno about the 6hp). NOTE: they make a propane version of this motor rated at 5hp. That’s gotta be the ‘bomb’ as propane never ‘sticks’ a float bowl, nor washes down the rings.

Further, for those reading this far, and have 28 to 35 footers, their 20hp FI engine weighs in THE SAME as their 9.9 model. (Add extra weight for hydraulic tilt, long shaft, electric start). (95 pounds)
Note; these motors are SO QUIET you cannot hear them in the cabin, and if idling, you barely know that they are running if next to it.
Tohatsu can fit them with ‘all the accessories,’ but for the 9.8’s and above, you’ve got to find your own ‘7 knot’ high torque prop; they won’t ship with one. Also, if you see online overseas ads for these motors at a markedly lower price… don’t do it… it’s fraud.