IMG 1724PaulK

A spray hood would not seem to be something you would buy off the shelf at Jeanneau, since the last Brin de Folies were built in 1980. It will have to be built in place. The simplest approach might be to attach (bolt) a wood base to the cabintop along the sides and forward end of the open hatch. Leave holes or small gaps so that any water that gets in can drain out. (It’s a boat. There will be water getting in.) The tops of the base pieces should be perhaps 1/4″ higher than the top of the hatch. The top of the forward piece will need to be curved to match the curve of the hatch.You may also need a curved wooden frame piece on the aft end to make sure the cover is supported clear of the hatch. You can then perhaps find a sheet of fiberglass or plastic that will bend to match the curve needed, and screw or bolt it down to the frame. Voilà: spray hood.
For winches have a look on EBay or Craigslist.