Sorry for the delayed response. We typically don’t make access to our database available to third parties. While your intensions might be honorable, there are too many unscrupulous people out there. Some with sites they started by taking our database without authorization. We are also hesitant to send out large portions of our database as once we do, we lose control over how it’s used.

One of our red flags is a request that includes boats with a large range. This makes us believe there is commercial intent. Your request, for example, includes boats with an LOA of 33′ up to 80+’. We tend to question why such a range? It doesn’t seem realistic for someone to be in the market for a 33 footer and/or even a 50 footer, let alone an 80 footer.

When we do work with third parties to send all, or a large portion of our database, we require a User Agreement to be in place. This agreement will outline very specifically how the database can be used.

We also, typically, ask for a fair market price. Keep in mind, we have been working on our database for the past 20 years. Building it by hand, one boat at a time. If you are asking for commercial purposes, we think purchasing the data is a reasonable request.

We are happy to discuss this further if you want. If so, please email us at contact@sailboatdata.com

Thanks, we hope you understand.