Hello Dave, This is one that is a little hard to nail down. At the beginning of the model run, Beneteau reported the displacement of the 343 as 5,380 kg / 11,861 lbs. They also reported the shallow keel as the standard keel with a ballast of 1,960 kg / 4,321 lbs.
By the end of the run, they were reporting the displacement (lightship) as 6,100 kg / 13,448 lbs and the deep keel became the standard with a ballast of 1,543 kg / 3,402 lbs.
These changes are the reason for the discrepancy you noticed as we normally report the earliest specs we can find.
We do not know when the changes were implemented by Beneteau but, as the only brochure we found reported the later specs, we updated our record using those.
Thanks for letting us know about this.