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hi, good to hear your opinions on then matter, as a former editor of wikipedia i can say the major problem i found was tribalism and people fencing pages because their cognitive bias, on the other hand i almost completely modified the pages referring air powered vehicles and compressed air storage as it was full of obsolete information and misconceptions, and they did let me do the overhaul.

i was referring to members collaborating to do the mods on the page rather than uploading boat specs, however on the other hand i think members could rotate as moderators to upload content and i have found some little errors because i have uploaded plenty of hulls to sketchup to compare boats while downloading original pdf manuals of boats and it doesnt matter much.

on the other hand maybe also all the boats ratios could be calculated by making automatic process so all the boats would have all these specs with little effort.

other automatic scaning calculator could be centre of effort and lateral resistance by uploading the sail and hull image. also with the boat hull lines a 3d model could be uploaded easily with a sketchup warehouse link

and yes a new label with nontoxic biomaterials would be a welcome to show the way opening in boat construcution including upcycling and to keep a distance from polymeric materials or also heavy polymer composite or wodden boats that create or promote deforestation