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The best way to get this information quickly might be to perform a search that includes as many of the options as can be made at once and then do another one or two including the other criteria. You will still end up with too many boats to actually be useful, not to mention that the “comfort level” criterion is not especially valid.(It’s a calculated figure that gets warped as different hull styles come in and out of fashion.)
If you’re looking for a boat it makes more sense to see what there is for sale. . There’s no point in doing hours of investigation into hundreds of designs in order to learn that the Sealark 38 is the optimal boat for your needs and then find out that only three of them were built in 1980 at a shipyard in Croatia. Weeks more research and you could learn that one of them was run down off Bari on her maiden voyage by a Panamanian-flagged tanker, the second sank after hitting a rock off Dubrovnik in 1994. That the third is for sale in Sevastopol for 3,000 rubles and probably needs 600,000 rubles of work done to be made seaworthy again is not going to help you.