Please refer to ABYC S-8/Boat Measurements and Weight – Definitions (8.4.9 & 8.4.10) regarding LOA and Maximum Boat Length. What Catalina has changed over the years is they have started using the term “Length Overall” which is really “Maximum Boat Length” instead of the true definition of “LOA” as stated in ABYC. You will note that their brochures states “Length of Hull” which is really the true LOA. Catalina, like many other manufacturers, are likely stating values as such, for marketing purposes. Their vessels appear to be larger by such advertising.

The Catalina 320 and 320mkII is a good example of proving this misinformation. These vessels are the same hull and I know this because I previously owned a 320 and very knowledgeable on the Catalina product line. Therefore, the original 320 LOA of 32.5′ was per ABYC definition. The mkII states “Length Overall 34.25′” which <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>does</span> include the bow pulpit, therefore, this is the “maximum boat length”. The mkII brochure states “Length of Hull” which coincidently is exactly the same value as the original 320s LOA.

Sailboat Data; please post proper LOA as per ABYC definition. Otherwise, the data will be confusing and subject to misinformation. Many of us (Yacht Surveyors) use your website for information, hence, how I came about to finding this discussion/forum.

I suggest updating your Catalina 320 mkII data showing a Maximum Boat Length – 34.25′ and the LOA – 32.50′ to remain with ABYC standards, as you traditionally have done over the years.