Hi Bruce,

Thanks for getting back to me!


LOL … Yeah having 6-8 people pulling those 4500sq/ft kites down was definately entertaining.


Question: Can we at least update Mulls BIO to credit G Mull,  the Maxi Sorcery???? 🙂

Funny isnt it that Mulls largest design gets shunned in places which could illuminate due to the rule of 3.  But I digress 🙂  I was thinking it wasnt up due to lack of info. You’ve cleared that up. I’m very much a mull fan and Jim Antrim is my guy when I need help with anything. He’s local to me

I do very much appreciate your site and see it referenced all the time, so I  now better understand what the purpose is regarding porduction boats.

I’ll admit that It stings a bit to see such little info out there on, in IMO,  the best ever big boats. Before Sorcery I sailing everything from prams to snipes, lightnings, E-Scows and many different keelboats.    Cheers