Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the offer to use the photo of Pippi.  That’s great.  However, please don’t credit me.  Pippi will not look at all like that photo when I’m done with the restoration/refit.  She will be painted in the look of the famous Havsfidra 20 “Goodwin II” which has a pretty interesting history with more than a few North Atlantic crossings under her keel—international orange topsides with dark blue hull.  (Did you know a Havsfidra 20 won her class in the 1968 Transat?  Pretty funny! There must have been a lot of slow boats that year! LOL.

Thanks too for the displacement data on the other 20 footers.  Yeah, the more I look into this the more I think the travel lift guy was in error or maybe that rig was out way out of calibration.  Your opinion is a very valued one!  I will for sure be rechecking her displacement when we launch.  Date TBD…

I’ve now discovered I need to refasten the hull to the deck joint, but only on the exterior side.  There are a lot of bronze fastenings that need replacement and I’m switching to 316 stainless round-head torx bolts into blind SS threaded inserts rather than the tapped threads in 50-year-old fiberglass originals, (flathead screws 🙁  —  I think it’s worth doing while I’ve got it opened up.  The interior hull/deck joint is strongly glassed in with no signs of any cracking, crazing, or movement, so the new bolts are just some overkill I’m adding.  There is probably more than a year’s worth of work, but I love this project and can’t wait to get it completed.  Thank you again for all your comments and help.

Take care,