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    Tedd McHenry

    Are the pages for each boat hard-coded in HTML or are they generated from a database? If they’re generated from a database, it would be great to have a query-able interface to the database so that more sophisticated searches could be done. For example, it would be great to be able to search all boats with a draft less than z, or all boats with a beam less than y.

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    The good news is that what you are asking for is already available. Select “refine search” below the blue search bar to access additional search criteria.

    Sue McCraven

    Why is it difficult to post a question on SailboatData.com regarding C&L14 mast stepping???

    Oscar L Kramer

    Hi Bruce,

    The ability to do a refined search is great, but the results are presented as a list with only LOA and year built as data columns. In order to see additional info, it’s necessary to open each boat’s page individually. The compare feature is one step in the right direction, but only 3 boats can be compared at a time. My particular search revealed 60 hits!

    A very useful feature then would be to provide the ability to export a CSV file of the search results, with *all* of the boat data in the CSV. It could then be imported into a spreadsheet for better comparison, sorting, deleting undesirables, etc.

    What do you think?



    Hi Oscar,
    I wish we could do something like that. Unfortunately, doing it opens the site up to bad people who want to do bad things.
    As it is, scraping (unauthorized stealing of the database) is already a nuisance. It happens daily, slows our site speed down and can cost us in extra fees. But Worse, doing it would open ourselves up to malware attacks including ransomware.
    Motivated bad people can still do these things. If they can hack the pentagon, they can certainly hack us. But we can’t, in good conscience, put out a welcome mat for them.

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