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    Ian watters

    Can anyone help ? Looking at a DOKRELL 17FT DAYBOAT , Sail number is 185 owner doesn’t know age and I believe the sail numbers give a fair indication , just can’t locate a list or way to access A chart or source for Dokrell day boats :frowning:

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    Sorry we can’t help. One suggestion, if you have not already done so, would be to try contacting someone at the Dockrell Owner’s Association: http://www.dockrell.com

    Ian watters

    Cheers Bruce , appreciate prompt response
    Didn’t know there was a owners assoc !
    Will give that a go

    Phillip Allen


    Most boats have a VIN type number on the right rear of the transom on the outside. It will have a fairly long number and you should see something that would provide information about the boat. XYZS(Don’t Know) 275(SAIL NO.) M82(Year) H(Manufacturer or Designer) these may not all be the same format, but often insurance companies and state registrations will require this number. The numbers and letters are all run together. {XYZS275M82H} The parenthetical elements that I have included are just so you understand what they might mean. I hope this helps.


    Apologies to allenmedia but I have to correct the record regarding HIN’s (Hull Id Numbers). The format is as follows… All boats manufactured or imported after November 1, 1972 must have a HIN. HIN’s are 12 digits. The first three letters are the manufacture’s code (MIC). For example, the MIC for Dockrell Yachts in the US is JLD. The next five digits are the boat’s serial number. The serial number is determined by the manufacturer and can be anything but often contains the boat’s hull number. The final four digits indicate the date of manufacture and the model year. The format for displaying the date changed in August 1984. In the example above, M82H indicates a model year ’82 manufactured in March (it’s actually the H that indicates the boat was built in March, not the M).
    If this boat had been built in March 1985, after the format change, the final four digits would be C585 (March ’85, model year ’85). On the other hand, the same boat manufactured in November 1984 would end in K485 (November ’84, model year ’85).
    Hope this helps clarify HIN formats.

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