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    The Albin Ballad generally runs a 135% Genoa II which has an area of around 25.4-28sqm, the SA/Disp figure mentioned of 16.09 is based on the 105% Genoa which people run when they don’t need to go fast. The SA/Displacement for the standard genoa II is around 18.71.

    The line drawing shows a 105% and a 150% genoa.

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    Thanks for your post. One small correction, the SA/D of 16.09 is based on the information we found on the rig measurements for the Ballad so it’s based on 100% fore triangle.

    Some good news… We are VERY close to launching a new, upgraded site. Included will be a calculator where a user will be able to input changes in sail area (or displacement, ballast, etc.) to see how the changes effect the performance ratios.

    Paul Cardas

    Good day, my first boat will be Albin Ballad from 1975 and I would be sealing her on the Black Sea or Mediterranean Sea.I like to ask if the Finn Keel is suitable for this seas or the boat is more suitable for lakes.
    My main concern is the confort of sailing.
    Thanks in advance!

    IMG 1724PaulK

    People have sailed Albin Ballads all over the place. They have reputations as decent sailboats, but they are small cruising boats, not designed to handle the Roaring 40’s. Though they might heel a bit more than newer designs, they should be able to handle typical good summer weather anywhere in Europe. If you search for them under used boats for sale, many are based in the North or Irish Sea, but others are in the United States or further afield. This would indicate that they sail well in these areas, or people would not have taken them there. They are quite capable boats.

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