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    David Hogg

    I am a very happy and proud owner of a Bowman 49 ketch
    My vessel was originally registered number 390558 Dragut Rais 21 in 1981 Jersey
    I have Holman and Pye drawings for her, drawn 29/06/79, Design 157
    My understanding is she was built by The John King Shipyard, King Street, Emsworth, Hampshire P010 7AX
    Her name appears to have become “Tetonia” and she was sold in San Deigo I think in about 2010
    I purchased her in New Zealand in 2015 and she was and is now called Juno Blue
    Can anyone advise how many were built or have any history. I know a Jeremy Evans wrote a report about the design and the boat under a title of “The British still build great boats…BOWMAN 49…One of the best-this cruising boat can rival anything in the world”
    Appreciate any news, I have seen one other Bowman 49 down under but she was a sloop not a ketch.
    David Hogg
    New Zealand

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    Leonard Williams

    I was skipper of Dragut Rais originaly owned by my cousin Oliver. Wonderful to learn that she is still afloat!
    I then bought an Oyster lightwave 48 in 1987, and have her still in sailsunsea.com.
    Best wishes,


    Hello David. We found some information about the Bowman 49 Ketch in Bristow’s Book of Yachts (22nd edition, 1991), although it is not much and probably information you already have. We made a record you can find here: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/bowman-49-ketch

    If your drawings are digital and you would be interested in sharing them, we would love to see them. If so, please send them to contact@sailboatdata.com.



    Arran Linton-Smith

    David, I remember fondly sailing on her when she took part in the first RORC Transatlantic race. We had an amazing adventure, although we do so well in the race.

    We were given a huge consignment bananas which all ripen three days out where we were all eating bananas at all our meal for three days. We had a night shift where sailed through a huge amount of phosphorescent algee. A night watch with storm force winds with lightening across the whole horizon. I was taught how to navigate with a sextant as we didn’t have GPS navigation then. Another night when the steering broke and on the final day we had a humpback whale :whale: which decided to swim closely around for 20 min.

    She wasn’t a fast boat, but she was very seaworthy.

    Norman McPhail

    Sounds like you own my fathers Bowman 49 that he owned in San Diego for about 20 years. Yes her original name was Tetonia, my father renamed he Logres. I sold her to a New Zealander who set sail for Tahiti only a few days after purchasing her. So many fond memories that I was always curious as to what happened to her. My understanding is there were only 10 49’s made. A couple were sloopa too.

    David Hogg

    Delighted to see this
    Actually at sea tonight inThe Abel Tasman Park, on board.
    Still afloat?!!! She is solid beyond belief. We get some pretty horrible sea between the North and South Islands of NZ and Juno Blue(as she is now called) is quite relaxed.
    Can you tell me if your cousin was the first owner and any history or what he did with her?
    I imagine there are a number of alterations since you were on board and can send photos etc if you are interested but I’m interested in knowing any of her history?
    Your new boat and enterprise looks great. I spent a couple of years in the Med working for Yacht Cruising Association… 1981 and 1982.

    David Hogg

    Delighted to be getting communication about Tetonia/ Logres/Dragut Rais.
    She is now Juno Blue and has been extensively refurbished refit overhauled.
    Her engine is still Perkins 68 which I imagine is original but it too has been extensively rebuilt.
    Her period in San Diego sounds great… any more detail on her travels there?
    Across the Atlantic… many times?
    The NewZealander I brought her off sailed her to New Caledonia via Pacific Islands then NZ did some major refit work and then Aus east coast and pacific islands.
    She now has a full suite of modern electronics and latest addition is a furlong staysail setup
    She will circumnavigate NZ over the next 12 months and is currently based in Nelson marina top of South Island NZ
    Look forward to hearing more and am getting original drawings digitised at present

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