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    Hi Folks!
    I have recently bought a CAL 30 in Brazil and the age of the boat said on the ad said it was from 1980 but doing some research now, I found some different information about Cal 30, saying it was last built in 1967.
    Does anyone now when was it last built ?
    Thank you so much!

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    Hi Alice. There was a Brazilian company, Mariner Construções Náuticas Ltd., that was licensed to build the Cal 9.2 in the 80’s. The 9.2 is a 30’ sailboat. Could that be the boat? Here is the 9.2 record on SBD: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/cal-92

    And the page for the builder: https://sailboatdata.com/builder/mariner-construcoes-nauticas-ltd-bra


    Hi Bruce, thank you for your reply. There are a few Cal 9.2 around here, build in Brazil in the 80s. But this one is not a Cal 9.2, but a Cal 30. Different model, and build in California.

    Here is where I found the info : http://www.mostsailboats.org/1967-jensen-marine-cal-30-2/

    I wonder if this information is accurate.


    I’m looking into it and hope to have an answer shortly. In the meantime, do you happen to have the hull id number?


    Dear Bruce,

    I can’t find the hull number on the boat. Do you know where it could be?
    The documents also don’t show it.


    Normally in the upper right corner of the transom. Unfortunately, it is often not visible in older boats. It is also somewhere hidden below, maybe behind a bulkhead. Hidden to help ID a boat in case of theft. Of course, this applies to boats built after 1972.

    I’ve reached out to someone but have not heard back. To date, I have not found any information indicating the Cal 3-30 (version 3 of the 30, designed for 3/4 ton IOR racing), was built after 1974.


    I’ve looked everywhere but I couldn’t find it.
    also, I’m in doubt if its a Cal 30 or a Cal 2-30.


    Hi Bruce, looking at this picture, do you know if this is a Cal 2-30 or a Cal 30?


    Hi Alice, that looks like the 2-30 to me (you mentioned the stern was modified, correct?).


    Hi Bruce, that’s correct.
    I agree with you, it looks more like the 2-30 for me too.

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