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    Has anyone had G10 fabricated to go between the aluminum mast and the steel mast step to prevent corrosion from the dielectric metals?
    We requested that our rigger do this, and thought that meant between these. Instead it looks like his yard put the G10 between the fiberglass floor and the stainless steel mast step.

    He’s supposed to be a good rigger , so it’s hard to believe he made a mistake unless he didn’t see what his yard did.
    What’s correct?

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    David Hammett

    Hi, I hope this helps. Typically if we’re to be asked to put G10 in between the step and the mast I would refuse the job. If corrosion were the issue then I would refabricate the step out of aluminum and anodize the corrosion of the step problem will greatly reduced, never solved. If I were to put G10 under step, that would be done to replace the missing material after the butt was recut to remove the corroded portion of the mast.

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